The catalog contains data related to migrants by place of last residence, age, sex, reason for migration and duration of residence, census 2001 - India and States. It includes data on Migrants by Reason for Migration, Migrants by Reason, Migrants for Work/Employment , Migrants for Business, Migrants for Education, Migrants due to Marriage, Migrants Moved after Birth, Migrants Moved with Household, Migrants, Migrants by Residence, Migrants by Place of Last Residence, Migrants by Age, Migrants by Sex, Migrants by Reason for Migration, Migrants by Duration of Residence, Census 2001.
The catalog refers to Industrial Classification of Main and Marginal Workers in Non-Household Industry, Trade, Business, Profession or Service by Class of Worker and Sex. It includes data on Main Workers, Marginal Workers, Non-Household Industry, Trade, Business, Profession.
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